Does Canmur operate solely within Canada?

Absolutely not! Not only do we handle shipments within Canada, but we also facilitate shipping from Canada to other countries and vice versa. Plus, we offer international shipping services to and from any other location around the world.

When can I expect to receive a quotation?

Depending on your request type and its complications, it will take from one hour to several days. However most of the quotes are answered in the first 24 hours.

Can I track my shipment?

Yes, you can track your shipment. We provide you with a real-time tracking link for all shipments, allowing you to monitor your package's journey from start to finish.

Can you handle custom clearance?

Yes. If it is required, we have solutions for your custom clearance in Canada, US and most of the overseas destinations/ locations

How can I contact Canmur?

You can contact Canmur through several convenient methods:

  • Call Us: Reach out to us via phone for immediate assistance.
  • Get a Quote Function: Use the 'Get a Quote' feature on our website for specific service inquiries. (link to get a quote page)
  • Email: Send us an email with your questions or concerns.
  • Social Media: Connect with us on our social media platforms for updates and direct messaging.
  • Office Visit: You're welcome to visit our office in Toronto for a more personal consultation.
What should I do if my shipment is delayed?

If  your shipment is delayed, please contact our customer service with your tracking number. We will provide you with the latest update and work diligently to resolve any delays as quickly as possible.

How can I protect my items during shipping?

 Proper packaging is key. Use sturdy boxes, padding/ cushioning, and secure packaging materials to minimize the risk of damage during transit.

Can I schedule a specific delivery time?

Yes, you can schedule a specific delivery time. We offer flexible delivery options to meet your convenience. Please contact us to arrange a delivery time that best suits your needs.

Do you offer insurance for shipped items?

We offer insurance for most shipments. Please ensure to mention that you would like to include insurance when requesting a quote.

Can I ship oversized or irregularly shaped items?

Absolutely! Our shipping services accommodate oversized or irregularly shaped items. We understand that packages come in various shapes and sizes, and our goal is to provide flexible and inclusive shipping solutions to meet your specific needs.Feel free to inquire about specific guidelines or packaging requirements for such items to ensure a smooth shipping experience.

Do you offer any discounts for bulk shipments or frequent shipping?

Yes, we do offer discounts for bulk shipments or frequent shipping. Please email us and stay in touch, and we will collaborate closely with you to provide the best possible rates and services tailored to your needs.

Is it possible to change the destination of my shipment once it is in transit?

Yes, nothing is impossible. It's just a matter of time and cost. We will do our best to redirect your request.Please be aware that this may incur additional costs and could potentially lead to delays in your shipment.

Can I arrange for a shipment pickup at my location?

Yes, you can indeed arrange for a shipment pickup directly from your location. Simply contact us with your pickup details, and we'll take care of scheduling a convenient time to collect your package. Our goal is to make the shipping process as hassle-free as possible for you.

How do you handle lost or damaged shipments?

Even though we will try our best not to let this happen, we understand that sometimes things can go wrong. In the rare event of a lost or damaged shipment, we strongly recommend purchasing insurance and using appropriate packaging to safeguard your items. This precaution helps provide added security and peace of mind throughout the shipping process.

Are there any additional fees or surcharges I should be aware of?

The quote we provide you includes all costs upfront, with no hidden fees. To ensure accuracy, it's important that you provide us with detailed information about your package. For example, If the actual dimensions of the package differ from those initially reported to us, additional charges may apply.

Do you provide shipping services for commercial goods and personal items?

Yes, we offer shipping services tailored for both commercial goods and personal items, accommodating the unique needs of each type of shipment. Whether you're sending business inventory or personal belongings, we have the right options to suit your needs effectively.